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Have you found yourself asking do I have a bat problem? Maybe the bigger question how do I get rid of bats? There are many species of bats but they all enter the home the same way, thru small openings the size of a dime or bigger. These openings lead into your soffit areas, the attic, your walls, and other unwanted areas of your home, yes this means the living area. There is no quick resolution to solving the problem, it takes time, patients and physical labor, but bat exclusion can be done successfully.

If you are told to stand outside and wait for the bats to fly out of your home and seal the openings they come out of you have been grossly miss informed. This is the worst advice anyone can give you, or for one to follow. The reason not to follow this advice, not all the bats fly out to feed at the same time, depending on how well the bats fed the night before some of them could hold up in the roost for a day or two. This is why a one way door is used so these bats can leave many days later if needed. This method could stop many unwanted visitors to be trapped in the home and increasing your chances of coming in contact with the bats or having the bats die in your home, or in unwanted areas.  

We had this problem in one such instants where the home was sealed up and the bats had no where to go. Unfortunately the bats were stuck in the house for days. Luckily this home was unoccupied and many bats died in the living area. Could you imagine if this was your home, and you were there?

The question still remains how do I get rid of bats from my home? There are ways to get rid of bats and one way is trapping. Bat Trapping consists of sealing up the home and placing traps on the main entry / exit points the bats are using. Once the bats are trapped they are usually taken back to the shop and euthanized or transported away from the home and released, or they may possibly die in the trap if not removed from the trap in a timely manner. We do not support nor recommend the trapping method! The best way to  get rid of bats is by sealing the home on a permanent basis, this is called exclusion or bat proofing, also while proofing we also use materials that will last and hold up against weather and time. Then placing valves / one way doors at the main entry / exit points to let the bats leave the home unharmed. These valves will not allow the bats back into the home if installed correctly. If the home is not properly sealed or bat proofed, the bats will relocate to another portion of the home through the missed opening thus allowing them back to their roost.

Bat proofing also should not be done during the times when female bats are giving birth to their offspring. This is during the months of June thru August.  If exclusion and eviction is done outside of this time and the colony is large enough it is possible to have bats that are not able to fly due to their age and get stuck inside while the mothers are evicted. The young will also die of starvation in places where you may not want them to die and cause a foul odor or again have these young bats find there way into the living area. So if you find yourself asking the dreaded question how will I get rid of bats, you may want to call in a professional to resolve your bat problem or take the time to do the job correctly with the right materials and equipment.

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5 Responses to “Get Rid of Bats”

  1. shaun says:

    HI, cant I go out after dark and foam all the holes up after they go out for the night ?

  2. Daniel says:

    I would have to say this is not one of the best ideas. Not all the bats leave the roost at the same time and you could be sealing some of the bats in the structure.

  3. shaun says:

    good point I dont think Im up to climbing up on the roof I’ll leave it up to the pro’s

  4. bat man says:

    bat season is here, the bat calls are coming in, but its been to cold at nights yet for the bats to fly. Ive been preping homes to valve the bats out, trying it stay ahead of the demaned.

  5. bat man says:

    its feb 24 I received 3 bat calls last week alone the warm spell we had here in michigan 2 weeks ago got the bats moveing about inside some homes which resulted in bats flying around in side the liveing space. one of the call I went on was a search and resque we got the details from the homeowner like which room the bat was last seen in. got real lucky behind the first book case I looked behind there it was Igot it captured and we set up an inspection for the out side of the home when the weather would permit us to safely acsess the roof with out snow and ice on it.